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Elvis Lester

Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis &
Qualified Supervisor (LMHC - Florida)
Advanced Master Trainer

Hello everyone! Welcome to my learning platform.
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Take it from our Students!

Elvis is an amazing teacher! He is passionate about his research on the EMERGE model and wants to help therapists use this highly effective protocol to heal their clients. He is always receptive to questions (even outside of the classroom) and is very generous with his time and resources. I'm looking forward to training with him further.
Shawna Byrd, MA, LMHC, CCM
Elvis has a fantastic style of presentation. The material is practical and life changing. It is different from anything else you'll find. It takes it (changework) to the next level.
Elvis is one of the smartest among the many NLP trainers I know. It's a pleasure to read his insightful postings on FaceBook. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Uwe Bohm
I recommend this training for clinicians if they want to advance skills and make a true difference and change in clients’ lives.

Don't be turned away by your lack of knowledge on the subject; your brain will catch up and love you for it!
Elvis is one of the most gifted NLP & Hypnosis trainers I have learned from. Few have his skill set. Fewer are able to teach them as effectively as him. I feel very fortunate to have met him.
Tom Economos, MPH, MSW, LCSW, CAP, SAQP, CFM
Elvis is attentive and deeply committed to helping others learn the material and apply it to their lives. He's entertaining too! I've taken several trainings with him and plan on taking more! SB
Elvis Lester has dedicated himself to the evolution of human behavior and neurology. He inundates students in patterns of excellence and generativity. His commitment to your excellence is evidently unparalleled!

Elvis has reached levels of mastery previously untouched. Humanity is lucky to have him as a powerful advocate of human excellence. Your life will not be the same.

Thank you for sharing your genius! Appreciate your modeling excellence!
I highly recommend Elvis and his change work. It is transformative!
Elvis’ teachings miraculously have given me opportunities for personal changework and to evolve in areas of my life that standard therapeutic intervention could not alter. Elvis has always offered invitation to all attendees to experience personal changes and trances which are the convincers that NLP & Hypnosis is quick and effective in making changes.

I would recommend all the courses for those willing to look inside as a means of working with others on the outside.
Fred Pauli, LMHC
Elvis has so many change modalities that all integrate together with each other. They're not really as "stand alone" when you use them all. Learn them all! I highly recommend taking as many courses as he offers. HB
In my humble and somewhat limited perspective,  Elvis is one of the best NLP trainers in the United States if not the world!

Elvis is able to use humor when teaching which makes complex concepts and teachings, very easy to understand. 

Also, Elvis really cares about the individual person and will do whatever he can to help that person change!
Most important Elvis and also Donna are some of the most caring and loving trainers and human beings that you will ever meet.
I had the privilege of meeting Elvis for the first time in 2008. From that meeting, it was clear why Dr Bandler has christened him “Change Master”. His commitment to being the very best in the field of personal development is shown throughout his work and the results he has achieved. He has guided me in several areas including trance development, personal change work, business mentoring and hypnosis. Dare I say he is second only to Dr Bandler, being able to weave a deep and profoundly altering trance!
Kick it up a notch and hire Elvis to take you to the next level professionally and personally. After all they are both connected aren’t they? You’ll be glad you did!
Maureen Castonguay
Sales Leader
I would recommend this training to everybody - anybody. Tremendously eye opening - for any individual interested in learning another awareness of physiology and psychology that makes up our existence. Thank you Elvis. You have achieved more than words can thank you for. 

Elvis Lester has provided learning and guidance that has taken my counseling abilities to a more excellent level.
Elvis is a remarkable Teacher - I feel blessed learning EMERGE. I can't wait to practice this!
Be prepared to be amazed at Elvis' extraordinary expertise as a hypnotist and educator. This outstanding learning experience has given me powerful tools to benefit my personal and professional life.
I have practiced counseling/psychotherapy for 36 years. This training has taken me to a new direction in assessing pathology and treating. As I master these techniques my delivery and effectiveness will never be the same.
Be prepared to be amazed at Elvis' extraordinary expertise as a hypnotist and educator. This outstanding learning experience has given me powerful tools to benefit my personal and professional life.
Elvis Lester is the real deal! He is a master in the field of NLP, Neuroscience, Trance work, etc, and has developed effective techniques to facilitate change quickly. He has studied with many great leaders before him and shares this knowledge clearly and efficiently.
Elvis is passionate about spreading the word to educate as many people as possible with the information and tools to help them live compelling not the compulsive lives so many endure presently.
What I have learned from Elvis has helped me both personally and professionally and am so excited to continue more in-person training as they open up this year.
Thank you Elvis for your commitment to improving the lives of so many. See you again soon.
Laura Carnevale, LMHC Sarasota, FL
All trainings I have attended with Elvis have been fantastic.

As a psychotherapist, I am used to working with clients using modalities I was taught in school. I have often seen progress in my clients, but I was taught that change takes time. Elvis has convinced me otherwise.

Drawing from cutting edge research in neuroscience, Elvis has developed a model where shifting clients can begin in the first session. I was able to leave the training with tools that I successfully implemented the following day with clients.

Elvis's methods are powerful and effective.
I highly recommend this training and others that Elvis Lester offers if you are looking for personal changes in your own life and for others.

Elvis is dedicated, committed, and exceptionally knowledgeable in the field of NLP & Hypnosis. Elvis guarantees to meet your needs.

Be willing to set aside traditional learnings and you will see and appreciate these new teachings. After you personally experience the technique(s) being taught, there will be a continuous desire to seek more learning and evolve even more. I’ve seen this happen in others as well as for myself—it’s just a matter of when you want to receive these same “new & powerful gifts for yourself.” Come and experience it firsthand, you will not be disappointed.
Elvis puts all 30 years of his training and experience into each moment that he's working with you. The methods may seem unconventional to newcomers but his extreme effectiveness and integrity will make you want more.
Nick Fields
What a wonderful course full of experiential learning! Elvis Lester shows you where the rubber meets the road, and how to truly use your brain for a change! For over 30 years Elvis has developed and tested models of Excellence, that when applied will bring about change that is both rapid and generative.

His depth of knowledge of how the brain works and our ability to alter our own neurology was most notable. Get ready for a multi-sensory experience! Not only did I get the map with this course but also the vehicle! Look no further Neurocise is here!
Amazed of how negatives of our subconscious are separated, identified, collapsed and let go. We don't need the negatives anymore.
Elvis has propelled my practice into a new and unique place. Thank you!